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CAPTCHA • 2018 rpg

adam mcconnaughey • no link

One player is the (callous, curious) SCIENTIST, the other is the (hopeful, fearful) DROID. The DROID is one of a batch of 24, designed to infiltrate humanity. The SCIENTIST is testing the DROID to see if it can pass as human. If the DROID fails the test, all 24 will be decommissioned and the SCIENTIST will start over. Both characters know this.

Set up a game of "Guess Who?"

The DROID chooses (from the deck) which of the options is its chassis. The SCIENTIST then asks yes-or-no questions of the DROID. There's a catch, however: any old robot can answer factual questions ("Are you blonde?"). The SCIENTIST is trying to tell whether the DROID can pass as human, so the SCIENTIST asks subjective questions that only a true human would be able to answer.


"Are you beautiful?"
"Do you look angry?"
"Do you look like a muggle?"

After each question, the SCIENTIST flips down the faces that do not match the DROID's description. Play until the SCIENTIST has one or fewer faces remaining. If only the DROID's face remains upright, then the DROID has passed the test and gets released. In all other cases, the DROID has failed.

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