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The Wurst Case Scenario • 2018 rpg

Naomi Clark •

For 3-5 players whose hearts are filled with doubt.

Read this passage aloud:

You cannot recall who you were, or if your dim memories signify anything at all.
You have only awareness of your shape and consistency: you are a product made of meat.
It is dark in this case, but other shapes are here with you.
You cannot yet understand grasp how to move or whether you can do anything at all.
You may think, and feel, and consider how to proceed.

1. Each player has 5 Meat and 0 Agency.

2. Starting with the last player who ate a sausage and proceeding clockwise, take turns narrating what happens next. On your first turn, describe the kind of meat product you are.

3. On your turn, your narration may increase, decrease or transfer up to 5 Meat and/or Agency to or from any player.

4. After two turns each, read this:
A brilliant line appears, and grows larger. The case you are in has been opened. But by what hand or power?

5. Continue playing until you are no longer in the Wurst Case Scenario.

6. Each player takes a final turn to narrate their eventual fate.

Author Comments

with apologies to Paul Czege

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