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Home on the Range • 2018 rpg

Scot Free Kennedy • no link

In the Old West, ranch families struggle over generations to carve a place into the landscape.

Players represent a family. 
Turns are one generation. 
Actions are a person's life. 

Family Stats:
Social - action range
Strength - power of actions
Culture - wealth, engineering

Spawn - place token on spot (costs wealth)
Rob - add rival spot's value to your wealth (costs strength)
Gather - add own spot production as wealth (costs culture)
Conflict - remove token on a spot (costs strength, culture)

Build a map of cards: shuffle normal deck then lay square  (# players) on a side. 
Rows are counties, Columns are societal strata, cells are "spots". 
Draw cards for turn order, then each pick a spot to flip and place a token. 
These tokens indicate ownership. 
Actions have to be within (Social) of a token of the same player.

Hearts - grassland (gather, attack)
Diamonds - mountains (defend,  rob)
Clubs - water (gather, attack)
Spades - forest (defend, rob)

Players take an action each turn.
It's stated as a summary of one life in a Spot.
If two players conflict, the Family Stats are compared. 
A tie is broken by everyone voting on which story was best.

When the map is exposed the most tokens "wins".

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