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You're Wasting Time • 2018 rpg

Antonio Taccogni •

The only thing you will use in this game is Time, just your Time.

Step 1: Choose your Time limit of the play, 
when the Time ends the game is over!

Step 2: Choose a setting and a group goal.

Step 3: Create the characters, each with 3 distinctive traits, 
each trait must bring out a capacity 
(strength, dexterity, inteligence etc ..)

Rules of the game: Each character can do any type of action, 
but has a time limit to describe what he does, 
if the description is incomplete or inaccurate the Master decides what happens. 
Instead, if he is precise and accurate, he succeeds in its intent automatically. 
The Master can choose the following difficulty tests, 
and the player only has that time to describe what he does.

Easy: 10 seconds
Normal: 5 seconds
Hard: 3 seconds
Extreme: 1 second

if you have to do a test linked in some way to one or more of your traits, 
you gain 1 second for each trait related to that test.

if the time ends before reaching the goal you have lost

play this game to spend good time with your friends.

Author Comments

I do not know if I’ve wasted time

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