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Morse Code • 2018 rpg

James • no link

You are a young officer during The Great War. Because of your knowledge of Morse code you have been assigned to the Radio Intelligence Service. Here, it is your job to listen to the enemies radio signals and try to decipher them.

Because of Morse codes ability to transfer at high speeds over telegraph lines, undersea cables and radio circuits it is the ideal way to communicate information to the front lines.

You have just intercepted an important order from the Central Powers (roll 1d6 on the below table), it is now your job to convert this message back into Morse code and send it to your superiors as quickly as possible (set a time limit for yourself, decrease as your knowledge of Morse code grows).

Can you get the message up the ladder in time to help win the war for the Allies?

1. Move troops along the Marne River
2. Allied troops landing in Gallipoli peninsula
3. Ambush British Grand Fleet in the North Sea
4. Attack the French town Verdun
5. Put into place Operation Michael
6. We will over take them in Amiens

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