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Spin Team • 2018 rpg

Chris Jackson • no link

Being the president is hard. Being their press secretary might be harder.

Everyone writes two headlines (scandals,accomplishments, etc.) and throws them into a hat.

One player in this game starts as the press secretary for the most controversial and polarizing president ever. Everyone else acts as reporters for opposing media. 

The press secretary draws a headline from the hat, reads it aloud, and has to make a statement defending the president's role in the headline. After the statement each reporter may ask up to three questions. The secretary must address them all. A reporter may add a detail to the headline's story instead of asking a question. Reporters should record the secretary's answers. If a reporter catches an inconsistency, they get an extra question/detail.The secretary pulls one more headline and the process is repeated.

The press secretary gets fired and replaced by the next player. Reporters may ask about or add to previous headlines, but players only get three of these until a new headline is read or they catch inconsistencies. Repeat this until everyone has been secretary.

You can decide on a winner, but no one gets to keep their job.

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