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Reluctant companions • 2018 rpg

Kurt Nails • no link

Two player RPG of forced companionship.

Each player/character writes characteristic descriptions (numbered 1-6), gains 2 empathy, 5 health and 5 spirit. 

	Characteristic	        Result (affect)
1- 	worst		                Harm (- 1 health)
2	Negative belief		Failure (- 2 Spirit)
3	Hatred of companion	Impending doom (- 1 Spirit)
4	Positive belief		Progress
5	best		                Success  (+1 spirit) 
6+	Fanatical		        Chaos (- 2 health, -1 spirit)

0 health (dead) 
0 spirit (no combined result)

Play six scenes:

Investment (threat that brings them together)
Travel (environment)
Conflict (detractor)
Location (Enter)

Describe the scene, requirement for success and action taken. 

Each player rolls a d6.

Any player can subtract 1 empathy to modify a companions die by 1 (if agreed). How does your character help?

Use dice to determined combined or solo result/s and displayed characteristic (use table).

Combined- Apply the affect to both characters
Add both dice for result or Subtract one die from the other for the result or if the same number remove one of the die for the result

Solo- Separate result and affects for each character die.

Describe result/s.

Apply affect. 

Keep playing the scene until a success is gained. The final scene requires 3 successes to win.

Author Comments

Two player GMless RPG, inspired by the unlikely duos of Game of Thrones. Two characters must overcome their hatred of each other to survive.

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