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Fates have Hearts: Galaxies of Love • 2018 rpg

mjcadz • no link

The scientifically accurate dating game

The host rolls d6's to create a dating scenario
Setting [ medieval | high fantasy | cyberpunk | post-apocalyptic | science-fiction | contemporary ]
Archetype [ hero | rebel | noble | explorer | jester | lover ]
Main Interest [ music | killing | food | reading | RPGs | hiking ]
Secret Fate Wish (keep secret) [ meaningful conversations | raw strength | peacocking | proposal | negging | BDSM ]

Each dating round the players roll initiative then take turns explaining and roleplaying their date. The host roleplays their partner. The players must try to make the date as suitable and scientifically accurate as possible with respect to the dating scenario.

Dating Rounds
1 - Dinner Date
2 - Players Choice
3 - Fantasy Suites

After each date, the host awards a modifier (+1,+2, or +3) based on how descriptive, suitable, and above all, how scientifically accurate the date was. Players roll a D6 and add their result plus modifier to their heart fates count.

The first player to meet the secret fate wish in a scientifically accurate way gets another heart fate roll. Too many attempts at meeting the secret fate wish will cause the date to end early, Hosts call.

The player with the most heart fates wins. In the event of a draw, the tallest player wins.

Author Comments

love will prevail

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