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Neon Nights • 2018 rpg

Cole Sorensen • @OneNerdTwoNoobs

You are the hard boiled detectives of Mega LA. The world is shit. The Rich and Famous rule the city, law enforcement is all but nonexistent, and all that is left is the private security force, "The Smileys", who are paid to protect the Famous and Rich. Their motto "they'll beat away the poor with a smile on their face!".

As a Hard boiled detective you will be rolling a single six sided die, with 1-3 being your Moxie (you want to roll moxie for trying to talk out a situation or finding clues), and 4-6 being your Grit (you want to roll grit for taking hits and especially for hitting back). If you should roll above or below your intend roll you take a blow. You can take 5 blows before lights out! 

It's up to the GM to decide what the detectives are facing; whether it be a billionaire hunting people for sport and their client is the next hunt, or a POP Diva has gone missing and her Entourage has sent "The Smiles" to burn the slums down until shes found! With the Neon shining it is their job to find the truth! 

Author Comments

Thanks for checking this out I had a lot of fun making it!

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