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Sentience • 2018 rpg

Mostafa Haque •

The Big Bang has happened. At the dawn of a new universe, the Will of Creation passes into the cooling magma around stars. It is the beginning. And as you are the Sentience of an Entire Planet. You are the Will of a World.
Player: Each player plays as a sentient planet early on its life cycle.
Dungeon Master: The DM is the star at the central of player party's Stellar System.
Objective: The overall goal of the System (party) is to survive the next Big Crunch.
Gameplay: Player decision directs the evolution of their world. What traits they'll take - will they be a magma world, or an icy one? The traits influence the type of sentient species that will develop.
Harmonic Convergence: Players can only take action when a harmonic convergence happens every million years or so. After a group decision is made, the DM narrates how the system changes from then on.
Extra-stellar events: Every few harmonic convergence a stellar event happens that puts them in direct jeopardy. E.g. a massive meteor cluster or an invasion from a sentient space squid. Planets work together to ensure survival of most of their population.

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