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The Zodiac Dungeons • 2018 rpg

Dylan Marquis •

You are a delver seeking legendary power! In the depths of the 17 Zodiac dungeons, monstrous guardians lie in wait for a worthy adversary. As you acquire their powerful relics, you will grow stronger; but so will your enemies. You must learn how to work together!

Choose from a Somatic (S), Brute (B), Assembler (A), Oracle (O), Filcher (F), or Titan (T)

Players and enemy stats are determined by a set of double six dominoes. Attack|Life. E.G., 2|4 domino = 2 attack & 4 life.

Players can do anything, but the GM determines if it's a FEAT or a SKILL. Feats are d12 vs d20; skills are d20 vs d12. Equal or exceed = success.  

Each monster initially rolls d20 ONCE for its challenge rating. Attacks = Attack (+bonus) vs CR. Tie = reroll.

When a dungeon is defeated, players draw a new domino and add it to their stats.

You begin in your guild hall. Good luck!

(GM ONLY! The diagram shows how teammates work together. 
Joint task bonus is +/-d6. 
Team task bonus is +d4, per teammate, up to 5d4.)

     (S)-- - --(B)
     / \       / \
  + /   \     /   \ +
   /     \   /     \
(A)------- 0 ------(O)
   \     /   \     /
  - \   /     \   / -
     \ /       \ /
     (F)-- + --(T)

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