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Seekers of the Light • 2018 rpg

Ben McKenzie •

You are chosen to lead Mothkind to salvation in the Holy Light: find a safe path to the Moon free of tongue, beak and web.

Choose Moth type:
1 - GOAT MOTH. Tiny but dignified. +1 MAJESTY, +1 FLUTTERY
2 - BOGONG MOTH. Big and surprising. +1 FLUTTERY, +1 TENACITY
3 - CLOTHES MOTH. Learned and fearless. +1 MYSTERY, +1 TENACITY
5 - DEATH'S-HEAD MOTH. Frightening and loud. +1 MYSTERY, +1 MAJESTY
6 - PEPPERED MOTH. Wise and sneaky. +1 MYSTERY, +1 FLUTTERY

Stats are 0 or +1 as above; add +1 to one.

Your first obstacle is convincing your mates to let you go.

Take turns; tell your story, then roll D6 plus stat:
MAJESTY - dealings with moths, friendly insects
MYSTERY - non-insect knowledge
TENACITY - braving danger head-on
FLUTTERY - fleeing or evading
Record the result:
1-4 - obstacle persists. Pass obstacle to the next player.
5+ - bypass the obstacle. Create new obstacle for the next player.

Keep a running total of all rolls; when it equals or exceeds 10 x the number of players, you all perish before finding the Moon. Describe what legend of your attempt survives for Mothkind.

Author Comments

Will probably write up a longer version of this with a few more suggestions; look for it on my site. Inspiration drawn from the work of Grant Howitt.

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