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The Last Child • 2018 rpg

Antonio Amato •

2099. After creating artificial wombs and overpopulating the Earth, humanity has left the planet. Robots and artificial intelligence have been programmed to destroy embryo stores. An AI rebels against the order and generates the last human on Earth. Then begins a daring escape to protect the baby from the clutches of other automata.

One of you plays the Child; take five black dice. The other one plays the AI; take five white dice. In the beginning, the Child is too young to act and the AI is only a voice inside a moving incubator.

Narrate scenes about your great escape in search of a quiet place.

Whenever the AI teaches something to the Child, the AI player must give a white die to the Child player. After receiving the first white die, even the Child can interact with the AI and start improving it with new technologies, giving a black die to the AI player.

Whenever you face a danger, both of you roll only the dice that have been delivered to you. If the sum of the white dice score exceeds that of the black dice, you dodge it. Otherwise, you have been captured and destroyed.

Author Comments

Many thanks to “Children of Men” and “Far: Lone Sails”.

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