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Champion Battlegrounds • 2018 rpg

Nicholas Wimsatt •

A card game where each champion card has numbers on four sides and four corners that equal to a sum of 40 but no single number is greater than 9. Champion cards are placed on a seven by seven grid with a flag in the middle. The player that starts first will place one of their champions on the side or corner to the flag to capture it and place beads of the same color on top of the champion and flag to show they own it. The next player can place their champion on the side or corner of a champion or flag they don't own. When a champion card is placed on a side or corner of an enemy champion with a lower number that enemy champion switches over to the player's side and they place their colored bead on top, this can occur to multiple enemy champions in one turn. Each player continues placing champion cards on the grid until they run out and the player with the most colored beads on the grid wins. Champion cards can be shuffled and split between 2 or more players.

Author Comments

I had ideas of expanding this by giving champions the ability to block attacks by placing the letter “B” on one of the sides or corners so it gives the player a chance to strategize more with their champion cards. I came up with this idea when thinking about Reversi and the card game from Final Fantasy 8.

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