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Surrender: A Game About Giving Up • 2018 rpg

James Etheridge • no link

You, four players in a darkly imagined now, are the crew of the Nighthawk, a ship of war. Your nation has just surrendered, and occupying forces will be coming to collect you in a matter of hours. There is no avoiding this.

Taking turns, share a past decision you regret. Choose or create a pair of needs that represent the struggle you faced. Players may have the same needs; it's more important that they be resonant than unique.

Self-esteem --- Acceptance
Freedom --- Safety
Principles --- Loyalties
Survival --- Ambition

Take turns calling scenes; each should address a piece of unfinished business you have. The players to your left and right portray your inner voices. At any time, they may speak up if they feel you are at an important junction; when they do, they will each argue for an action that satisfies one of your needs. The player across from you, your Judge, will decide which action you take.

It is up to you to portray that action: how you go about it, how it makes you feel. Continue until your unfinished business is resolved.

When everyone has called two scenes, the occupying forces arrive. Hereafter, the future is uncertain; surrender to it.

Author Comments

Thanks to Jonathan Perrine, my first great GM, and the peeps over at Magpie Games, without whom I never would’ve gotten into game design.

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