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Amnesiac Deathtrap: A Game of Identity • 2018 rpg

Civ Light • no link

Player Characters (PCs) wake up with amnesia. An Evil Mastermind (EM) has captured them, and will test them against dangerous challenges, deadly traps, and hard choices in a life-or-death game.

PCs begin with two Protagonist Points and one memory - "My name is ______". Write this down.

When challenged, PCs roll a d6.
6 = Success, recover a memory.
4-5 = Success.
2-3 = Failure, suffer an injury.
1 = Failure, lose a memory.

If one PC is challenging another, the challenger rolls. Define what "success" and "failure" mean before the roll.

Any player can spend a Protagonist Point to re-roll any die once, including forcing other players to reroll.
PCs are awarded Protagonist Points after betraying another PC, causing them to suffer an injury or lose a memory.

When a PC recovers a memory, they write down the memory.
When a PC loses a memory, they cross it out.
When a PC has no memories left, they die.
When a PC has suffered 5 physical injuries, they die.
When a PC has regained 5 memories, they will remember how to escape the deathtrap. They must succeed at one final challenge to escape...but what kind of person have they become?

Author Comments

Thanks for reading! I was inspired by movies like the Saw series and games like the Zero Escape series to create a tabletop game about searching for one’s identity while surviving a life-or-death game.

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