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Masters Of The Skies • 2018 rpg

Taliilagi Kemi • no link

Dragons have been apart of this world since the beginning of time. There are those who chose to stand with the world and those that would burn it. Glorgokk the Eternal is one of those who would see it burn. After the war of worlds between dragons and all other races, only a few choose to stand and fight.

Assemble your team of Elite Dragon Riders! Face Glorgokk and More! And become Master of the Skies!

You create your character, choose and create your mounts, and level up together. (Mounts are not restricted to Dragons) Mounts will always be double the level of their rider. Each mount will have a tier level maxing out at 5.

There will be 3 types of battles: aerial, accelerated, and traditional. Meaning there will be many encounters with colossal begings, armies, other dragon riders, etc. Also depending on the encounter you could end up using all 3 methods.

Accelerated combat is used when fighting large armies giving characters that god like feel one shotting most of them until you hit a mini boss.

Aerial combat: all riders will roll initiative, who ever is highest will lead the battle and everyone will act accordingly.

Author Comments

I wish i had more words to explain the mechanics.

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