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Scorpions - Crossing Rivers • 2018 rpg

Fulvia Marai • no link

Players have ten coins hidden behind a sheet. At sight they write their life-ponts, five for the number of players. Three secrets are written hidden.
Draw a frog on another sheet and divide it into many numbered boxes as many players plus one. 
Night: all close their eyes. In turn players place one coin on one box. If they decide CROSS they are stabbing the frog, if they decide HEAD they are cancelling a CROSS. It's possible put no coin. Whoever has no more can turn the face of another coin.
Day: CROSSES counts. If they are equal or exceed the value of the box  ALL players lose as many life-points. Players must place HEADS until crosses return below the number, but players can place just 1 coin each. Those who do not want to, they can offer a secret instead:they lose 2 life-point, but can remove a CROSS from a box.
You can accuse others of being "Scorpions". Accused ones must show their coins: those who have none are eliminated. Non-scorpions can claim compensation: you must choose whether to reveal a secret or give two coins to each.
Repeat Night/Day until one player remains alive.

Author Comments

English is not my first language: i hope the text is clear and correct! The game is about scorpions and frogs (of the famous Esopo fable) but i have in mind to add optional rules for changing the setting and adding deep roleplay. Who will survive? Who will obey their “scorpion nature” and sabotage the enterprise?

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