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The Baby-Sitter • 2018 rpg

Bruno Bord •

A game for a Baby-Sitter and a few naughty Kids.

The Kids' parents are out tonight ; they've hired a Baby-Sitter. She has 3d6 Zen Points (ZP).

The Kids are 2d6+3 years old.

* Pick a name.
* Pick one adjective (e.g.: *sneaky*, *dirty*, *loud*, *whiny*, *gluttonous*, etc.), it gives them an Advantage for their Naughty Deeds.
* d8 Trust Points (TP).

The game is splitted in five scenes: meal, storytime, bedtime...

When committing a Naughty Deed, roll d20 < your age. Advantage means roll 2d20 and keep the lowest.

Success: the Kid narrates what happens and how it makes the Baby-Sitter mad at you ; she loses d6 ZP.

When her Zen Points goes below zero, she goes crazy. Narrate how she loses control of everything and gives up her duty. The Kids are then free to do whatever they want, until their parents come back.


* the Baby-Sitter caught you and narrates + gains d6 ZP.
* you lose d4 TP.
* If your TP goes below zero, you're shoved to your bed. You cannot attempt any Naughty Deed during this scene. Roll d20 > your age to recover d6 TP.

After 5 scenes, the parents are back.

> I hope everything was okay

Author Comments

Feel free to transpose this concept to other settings (med-fan, SF, horror…)

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