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Don't Split Up • 2018 rpg

Eli Eaton • no link

 You will need: A piece of paper and pen; a six sided dice and 3-8 friends. 

 You and your friends are exploring an abandoned place. It could be a house, spooky woods etc.  Draw inspiration from your favorite scary movies. Talk about why your group is there and then pass the paper around, each writing a possible way to die. 7-10 should be enough. 

Now pretend that you are walking around in this place, take turns to describe atmosphere, what you are doing, and have in-character conversations. After about 5 minutes, each of you will roll the die, the lowest roller's character will split from the group. If there is a tie and you have a group larger than 4, both people will separate together, otherwise roll to break the tie. The lowest roller(s) decide why they split off and the rest of the group will use an item (or two) from the list to describe how they meet their doom. The doomed player is of course welcome to negotiate what that actually looks like. Repeat this process until only one of you is left. That person describes how they make it to safety.

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