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Wayfarer's End • 2018 rpg

Alexi Sargeant •

This town's an enigma, wrapped in a portent, baked into a damn fine cherry pie. You'll get to the bottom of it, if it doesn't get to the bottom of you first.

Acquire a vintage cookbook. The more used, the better. Borrow it from grandparents. Buy it secondhand.

Each player writes one Homespun and one Unsettling detail about the town. Discuss.

Each player creates a character or two (e.g. Wonderstruck Outsider, Suspicious Mayoress, Lovesick Librarian, Choleric Preacher, Beleaguered Handyman) and writes down a Homespun and an Unsettling detail about each.

Take turns setting scenes. When you set a scene, write a mystery you'll investigate. Then flip through the cookbook. If you dislike the recipe, start an Unsettling scene. If not, a Homespun scene. If anyone disagrees about the recipe, that player must add a detail of the opposite tone. Draw inspiration from the cookbook's words-especially verbs.

When it feels right, set a scene to resolve a mystery. If you like the recipe, resolve the mystery with Grace. If not, resolve it with Violence. (Anyone who disagrees can add a pinch of the other flavor.) The game ends when players agree enough mysteries are resolved. Copy lingering mysteries into cookbook.

Author Comments

It’s a game about cooking up a town full of mysteries, equal parts homey and disturbing.

Genre Inspirations: Twin Peaks, Wayward Pines, Sleepy Hollow, Innsmouth, Sandford (Hot Fuzz)

Mechanical Inspirations: Swords Without Master (Tones), The Valedictorian’s Death (Vintage Book as Resolution)

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