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Ink • 2018 rpg

SailEars • no link

The Library is under attack. Grab a book and prepare yourselves Ink Mages. 

A party of players chooses 1 book with which to defend the Library. Use this opportunity to set the Library and Characters. One of the players is the Antagonist.

The Antagonist is the first to act. They may Attack the Library (Use 10 pages), Attack the Mages (Use x<11 number of pages to stop PC action), or Flee.

To respond to any of the actions, a Mage chooses up to 1 sentence from a numbered page in the book. This is the action that your character takes. The player then chooses up to 10 more numbered pages to power the action. Write down the starting page, adding the number of pages used (Use pg 1 powering up with 5 more pages; pgs 1-6) in a place the whole group can see. These pages are no longer available to use as they power the action, wiping the pages clean.

The game is over when the Antagonist Flees or is defeated. The players lose if they use all the pages. It is a stalemate if the using last pages caused the PCs to defeat the Antagonist.

Author Comments

Thanks System Mastery for inspiring me to look for new mechanics. Hope you all are having a good day.

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