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Writing History • 2018 rpg

Kate • no link

You are from the future. You are four historians. You have discovered a city from Before. You have discovered knowledge. The wrong kind of knowledge.

Your society and its science are driven by conceptions of what is natural and what is not. You have discovered things that are not:

A pamphlet for a transgender support group. Science believes in a strict gender binary.

A poster for a charity fundraiser for disabled youth. Science believes it is natural for societies to abandon those endangering its productiveness.

A holy book. Science believes that pure rationality is inherent in humanity.

A collection of same-sex love poetry. Science believes in same-sex attraction not being true attraction.

None will respect your findings if they undermine science's ideas of human nature. They will if you present them in a way that supports them.

There are four turns. Every turn, each historian presents an explanation for an object. At the end, all vote for the most convincing. For every vote on the successful explanation, your team gains one credibility. In case of a tie, lose two. 

If at the end, your credibility is above eight, your findings are accepted.
If it is below eight, they are discredited.

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