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The Blood Must Flow • 2018 rpg

Luke Jordan •


Sunburnt hills under heartbreaking skies. Soil rich and bitter as chocolate. Trees groaning with half-fermented fruit, leaves turned flaming hues, beasts fatted for the slaughter.

People here live decadently. The land feeds them, and they thrive.

But it comes at a cost.

Tonight, the land must be fed in turn: thirsty soil watered with blood.

First, though, a feast.

For each reveler, choose a craft (butcher, winemaker, orchard-keeper, etc) and think about their look (use colour, texture, smell, animal imagery).

Starting with whoever last touched the soil, introduce your reveler. Describe the gift they bring to the feast: what it is, how it looks, how it was made.

Now, begin play.

Make merry: converse, eat & drink, swap stories, sing, dance, slip away seeking privacy. Frame scenes and take turns as the mood takes you. Remember, make everything lush, morbid, and visceral.

When you all agree it's time, the party ends. The killing-time has come.

Each reveler votes for who should feed the land.

If you are chosen, describe your death. The others describe how they prosper this year.
If there is a tie, famine comes. All describe how the land turns sour and brings you low.

Author Comments

This game is dedicated to the greatest tourism ad ever filmed, which might as well have been a moodboard for a Hannibal episode:

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