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Rituals • 2018 rpg

David LaFreniere • no link

  Players bring a single object: a trinket, book, anything interesting. Players will call out ASPECTS of the objects based on what they think, feel, or have experienced with the object.ASPECTS define the fiction.

Players play wizards solving magical problems or mysteries (called the PROBLEM) with a ritual.  

Defining the PROBLEM. Everyone states ASPECTs from objects that make them think of a PROBLEM. Write ASPECTS down. After everyone states at least one ASPECT, work together to clearly define the PROBLEM.

Next, each player writes down answers the following: 
-How an ASPECT will define the ritual and solve the PROBLEM. 
-How you fear an ASPECT will negatively affect the ritual, fall short of solving the (or create another) PROBLEM.

Next, each player explains why their wizard is so interested in solving the PROBLEM.  Make a single roll of 2d6. On a 10+ everyone describe how the their created ASPECTS helped the ritual solve this problem. On a 7-9, everyone describes how their ASPECTS helped the ritual, but created a complication for the future. On a 6- everyone must describe how their ASPECTS cause the ritual to go catastrophically wrong.

If new PROBLEMs arise, get new objects, and start again!

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