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Turbo System: An RPG for everything • 2018 rpg

David Dornelles •

This is a storytelling game. You need at least two people to play. One takes on the role of storyteller and the others will be characters.

The storyteller describes a scene and asks what the characters do. The other players respond and the story goes on.

All characters have 2 attributes: mind and body.  Each player must distribute 4 points between these two attributes without any of them having a value equal to zero.

Mind is used in dialogue situations or if your character has mental or magical powers.

Body is used in physical tests and combat.

Write on your character sheet the name, a merit and a flaw. If a merit or flaw is applicable in a scene, the storyteller may request that the player roll the dice again. The best result is used in case of merit and worst in case of flaw.

When the outcome of a character's action is uncertain, we have a conflict.

Every time you have a conflict, roll 1d6 plus the value of the attribute. If you roll 5 or more, the character can solve the problem.

You can tell any story using these rules, choose one theme that you find fun.

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See you again next year!

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