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The Synaesthetic Kitchen • 2018 rpg

Robbie Boerth • robowist [at] gmail {dot} com

The queen orders a magnificent confection for the 10th anniversary of her rule!

Working kitchen (USE ADULT SUPERVISION).
Out-of-view adjoining room.
Scratch ingredients for confections.

Players adopt these roles:
Ambitious, pedantic BAKER.
Cowardly, nervous SERVANT.
Glum, resentful kitchen MINION.
Sprightly, loving kitchen MINION.

Each player rolls a D6 twice. First roll indicates an AFFECTED SENSE, the second a SUBSTITUTED SENSE. 

Doubles indicates a grievously diminished or overwhelmingly acute sense (your choice). 

Roll chart:
1.	Visual
2.	Auditory
3.	Olfactory
4.	Gustatory
5.	Tactile
6.	Emotional

Your character perceives and talks about the AFFECTED SENSE in terms of the SUBSTITUTED SENSE. Choose appropriate specific substitutions.

Ex. If your olfactory sense is AFFECTED and your visual sense is SUBSTITUTED, you might choose to perceive a BURNING SMELL (or the word "BURNING") as BLURRED VISION. Be consistent. You henceforth always perceive and discuss burning smells as blurred vision.

BAKER commands the MINIONS.
MINIONS do all mixing, measuring, baking, decorating.
BAKER desires glory, fears infamy.
BAKER always improvises, never uses written recipes.
MINIONS are never in the adjoining room; BAKER is never in the kitchen. 
SERVANT relays messages and objects between rooms.

The game ends the queen's confection is completed.

Author Comments

Please share your culinary discoveries, triumphs, and travesties. Also share game mods (team bake-offs, other kitchen minions, other meal courses). Bon appetit!

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