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TIGER-POET • 2018 rpg

Fabrizio Botto • no link

China, seventh century. Player 1 plays SANGETSUKI, a failed poet who lost his mind. One night, sleepwalking, he entered the jungle and turned into a tiger. Take two different colored d20: One for his TIGER-side, the other for his POET-side.

Player 2 plays Five TRAVELLERS who enter the jungle looking for something. Take 2 apple-sized STONES.

Role-Play 5 scenes: 
In each of these, one TRAVELLER enters the jungle. Why? What is SANGETSUKI doing meanwhile? Both narrate. End scenes with their meeting and roll the dice. Re-roll doubles.

If TIGER-dice is the highest:
The TRAVELLER is killed. Otherwise escape by using a STONE, but the tiger will chase you in your nightmares: the TRAVELLER dips the stone in PAINT/INK and stamps it on paper. Add pen details to the print: eyes, fangs... Narrate your death or nightmare.

If POET-dice is the highest: 
SANGETSUKI asks the Traveler to write down one of his poems he remembers by heart: SANGETSUKI tears off one random page from an old book and covers all text with a black marker, skipping some evocative words to create a poem. 

After the last scene SANGETSUKI is free. The world will remember him through nightmares and poems.

Author Comments

Thanks for reading. This game is based on Atsushi Nakajima’s beautiful tale “The Moon over the Mountain”.

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