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The Dying Swan • 2018 rpg

v21 •

An RPG for 5 people

One player is the LEFT LEG
One player is the RIGHT LEG
One player is the LEFT ARM
One player is the RIGHT ARM
One player is GRAVITY

The LIMBS should work together to perform the short ballet solo The Dying Swan, as first performed by Anna Pavlova. GRAVITY should provide feedback on their actions.

A contemporary description of Pavlova's performance:

Arms folded, on tiptoe, she dreamily and slowly circles the stage. By even, gliding motions of the hands, returning to the background from whence she emerged, she seems to strive toward the horizon, as though a moment more and she will fly-exploring the confines of space with her soul. The tension gradually relaxes and she sinks to earth, arms waving faintly as in pain. Then faltering with irregular steps toward the edge of the stage-leg bones quiver like the strings of a harp-by one swift forward-gliding motion of the right foot to earth, she sinks on the left knee-the aerial creature struggling against earthly bonds; and there, transfixed by pain, she dies.

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