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24 Words And A Moment • 2018 rpg

Jessica Gates •

Needs 3 or more players, a piece of paper, and writing implements.

You are a nonverbal electric wheelchair user. Sit yourself in a chair, and place tape over your mouth if you struggle to remain silent.

The person to your immediate left is someone significant in your life at this moment: a carer, a teacher, a lover, a health professional, a law enforcer, a shopkeeper, a bus driver. 

The person to your immediate right writes down a situation involving you and this significant person. They outline the setting, circumstances and the relationship between the players to you both.

Have the other player(s) depict 24 words, images or symbols on a piece of paper together. You are given this as your communication method, and may use this however you like. You may not speak or leave the chair.

You and your significant person decide separately and secretly on what you want to gain from the interaction. Write this down.

Play through the moment, in whatever way suits. The moment may end at any natural point, with one, both or none of the players achieving what they wished to gain.

Afterwards, reflect. Did you receive what you sought to gain?

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