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Crystalium • 2018 rpg

Guillaume St-Pierre • no link

In a world ruled by sorcerers, you have decided to challenge your lack of magic through gem alchemy.

To create an alchemist, chose two colors for your major color group and give yourself five gems of that color. Do the same for the two minor color group and give yourself three gems. The remaining colors are opposed, and you get only one gem.

You resolve actions by using gems of the color you want which changes the way you approach actions. Gems give you supernatural abilities, but also change your personality while you are attuned to theirs colors. More gems mean more power.

Red gems make you aggressively and with a sense of urgency. They increase strength and awareness.

Blue gems make you act professionally and calmly. They increase oratory and cognitive abilities.

Green gems make you act peacefully and in balance of your emotions. They increase endurance and health.

Yellow gems make you act cheerfully and optimistically. They increase speed and reflexes.

Purple gems make you act with sensitivity and love for other. They increase natural charm and empathy.

White gems make you act with balance and purpose. They cancel the magic of other gems.

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