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The Wanderer • 2018 rpg

Michael Wenman •

She strides the Bonelands toward the Onyx Citadel, the last obstacles in her lifelong vengeance quest await. A band of companions guides her destiny. 

Three questions define you.
   How do you know her?
   What did you teach her? (Her advantage)
   What haven't you taught her? (Your advantage)

Everyone starts with 2 black and 2 white tokens (hidden), a blank page and pencil. A bag contains six more tokens of each colour.

Each act, everyone (including any Dead) takes turns narrating a situation, asking another player how the Wanderer faces it. 
Everyone secretly contributes one of their four tokens to the situation's narrator, one more is drawn from the bag.

Narrator reveals the contributions.
   <1/3 white: Full Failure
   <1/3 black: Full Success
   Otherwise both apply
Narrator describes what happens. 

Tokens returned to bag, everyone replenishes their spent token by drawing a random token from the bag.

Act One: Flashbacks (What challenge was faced?)
   Success: She gains an advantage
   Failure: Someone loses an advantage
Act Two: Bonelands (menaces confronted)
   Success: Menace neutralised
   Failure: Someone loses an advantage (or their life)
Act Three: Citadel (citadel's defences)
   Success: Defence overcome
   Failure: Someone loses their life, or she dies (game over, you lose)

Author Comments

A little story driven game about in the vein of Afro-Samurai, or Kill-Bill. If there’s interest a slightly expanded version will be made available

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