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Party People • 2018 rpg

Josh Brock • no link

The big event is coming up! It's the most festive time of the year! ...Too bad it's your turn to host the party.

You are a small group of...NOT party people. You have, nonetheless, been tasked with hosting the biggest party of the year. Oh, dear.

To play, you will need plenty of "Confetti" (multiple colors of six-sided dice,) and a large "Confetti Bowl."

For each player: Pick two hinderances. Such as "tin ear," "bland palate," "tacky," "weak stomach," and "bad with budgets." Then pick one skill. Such as "eye for detail," "eclectic taste," and "crafty."

Plan your party. As a group, discuss and decide on food and drink, decor, music, etc. When a decision is made, put a piece of Confetti into the Confetti Bowl for each player. Subtract one piece for each hinderance applicable to the decision, add an extra piece for each skill relevant to the decision.

Roll the Confetti! The total is your group's score. 

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