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Black Iron Brigade • 2018 rpg

Geno DCLXVI • no link

Barbarians have invaded from the North! The Black Iron Brigade gathers to push back the invaders to the mountain pass from whence they came.

One player is a Traitor, determined by card draw (if Joker).

Each player:
- Commands a unit of cavalry, archers, swordsmen or spearmen 
---- Give a name, short description to the unit's origins (race, culture, etc).

- Starts with one Artifact of Trust, preferably a real item

Five Encounter Cards are placed face-down, representing the path to the main barbarian host. Encounter types are:

Hearts: Villages. Describe your passage.
Spades: Battles. Suggest a strategy.
Clubs: Crossings. Suggest a way to cross.
Diamonds: Uneventful. Share campfire stories.

Players vote for best story every encounter; winner earns an Artifact from a pile. Also, players can give Artifacts to other players whose stories they liked; describe the Artifacts and why you give them. 

The Traitor reveals themselves on the last Encounter. Players who have not given their Artifacts away lose them. Traitor rolls d6, describes their resentment towards one player, who also rolls a d6. Losers lose an Artifact. Continue until each player has been fought. The side with more Artifacts left wins and narrates the climax and outcome of the war.

Author Comments

A tentative novel idea turned RPG. I think the way it’s set up organically rewards the people who tell the best stories, but also keeps people on their toes–they don’t want to reward the traitor, but there’s a penalty for keeping your artifacts to yourself.

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