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What you can hold • 2018 rpg

Milo van Mesdag • no link

A world divided: extremes of rich and poor.  Glittering steel, perfect glass.  Rusty tin rooves, dirt walls.  You live here, somewhere at either end, or teetering in the narrow middle.

In this anarcho-capitalist near future, you are defined by what you can hold onto.  Choose five things that define your character.  Make them different.  Anything from an industrial complex to a single shoelace.  They need not be tangible.  Just things you can use.  And lose.

On your turn, you are the master.  Define a setting and the beginnings of an event.  An opportunity for a trade, a gamble, a con.  Then players choose whether to be in the scene and if they do, they describe what their character does there.  Make the world push back, start an interaction.  Make them put one of their assets on the line.  Once a moment of tension is reached, make them roll 1d20.  Narrate the result:

1-5 - Lose your asset.  The world is cruel.
6-19 - Lose your asset and gain an asset of the master's choosing.  Remember, when your possessions change, you change.  
20 - Gain an asset.

The game ends for you when you have lost all your assets.

Author Comments

Thanks to Gregor Hutton’s Remember Tomorrow, both for being amazing and giving me the idea for the rotating GM.

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