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Countries of Hats • 2018 rpg

Antoine RENAULT • no link

It's the big night, you prepared for this day a long time ago when you change your identity for someone else. Your big evil plan will be executed tonight if you are able to survive ... the small talk at this high-level gala.

Each of the players writes the country and the capital name, and a short sentence for the base setting. This should constitute a base cliché for your Country of Hats. Choose randomly then each of the players chooses an evil plan and a reason why they are here. Start the conversation by presenting yourself.

Whenever a player introduces a cliché in the discussion or adds depth to an established one, they receive a Reputation token. Write the cliché for everyone to see. 

If a player says something conflicting to an already established cliché he loses a "Reputation" token.

When there is more than twice the players' Reputation token in-game, the game end. The one with the more Reputation will be able to propose his idea to the naive leader of the country.

Author Comments

This come from an Internet friend who believe that I was a Russian spy trying to appear French

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