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Metahuman Correctional • 2018 rpg

Aaron DaMommio •

You are the inmates and warden of a supervillain prison. Inmates want to discover the prison's dark secret and free themselves; the warden wants to demoralize the players.

Warden: come up with a secret; describe your character's attitude.

Inmates: give your character's power, and the reason she desperately needs to escape.

Place 7 tokens per player in a bowl for the inmates. Give the warden an empty bowl.

Take turns narrating scenes in which your character attempts something. Take 1-3 tokens from your bowl as bonuses, then roll 5+ on a d10 to succeed; narrate the result.
- Inmates: On a failure, tokens go to the warden's bowl; otherwise they go in an inmate success pile.
- Warden: Choose an inmate to demoralize. On failure, tokens go to the inmate success pile; otherwise, put them in your own success pile, and take one from the inmate bowl to put in front of the demoralized player. An inmate with 3 demoralization tokens changes sides, taking warden-style turns thereafter. 

On someone taking the last token, collaborate in a conclusion that favors the larger success pile; the warden includes demoralization tokens in her pile.

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