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Get Down, Mr President • 2018 rpg

Aaron Griffin • no link

A pervasive roleplaying game for 5+ people.

You are all Agents. Gather in a public space and go about your business, keeping an eye on each other.

Suddenly, an earpiece squawks.

One of you raises a hand to their ear to listen. Everyone else, if you see a fellow Agent raise their hand to their ear, do the same and say "Copy" loudly. Any Agent may instead say "Negative," causing all hands to be dropped. No Agent may do this twice in a row.

When all but one Agent has raised their hand, those Agents shout "GET DOWN, MR. PRESIDENT", and proceed to take the remaining player to the ground (agree beforehand on how physical this should be) before hurriedly escorting them out of them room.

If the remaining Agent is female, everyone must instead shout "BUT THE EMAILS" and run around like idiots.

Repeat as many times as you want. Maybe keep score or something.

Author Comments

I figure strict tabletop games are overplayed, so here’s a more live action game.

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