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House Hunt-ed-ing • 2018 rpg

Talisa Tavella • no link

This is a game about the soul crushing experience of house hunting in a big city. If you have done it in real life, I salute you, fellow survivor; if not, count your blessings. 

You need:
A deck of cards (Jokers removed)
Paper and pencils 
4 Players

You are a couple or group of friends house hunting. 
Your requirements: number of rooms, location, etc.
Your budget: 29. 

Each player writes features for each card in a suit (aces -> 10). Low = bad, high = good. 

Hearts: House features (garden, tiny kitchen) 
Diamonds: location (transports, sketchy) 
Clubs: agency/landlord (expenses, helpfulness) 
Spades: Bad. Just bad. (mould, mice, corpse in the cellar) 

Each turn, deal 4 to each player. 

4 cards = a house. Read the features to describe it. House cost = total card values.

If you draw a face card, put it aside and draw again. Play faces for special effects: 

Queen: discard a card, draw again.
King: Replace a card with any value
Knight: Switch 2 cards' positions

Turn end: Decide which houses to keep. You cannot have more than 4.

Build a house of cards with the discards. When it falls, or you finish the deck, time's up: choose now.

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