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Rhea • 2018 rpg

Michael Duxbury •

Cast (4+):
* CRONUS. Tyrant, patriarch, infanticidal.
* RHEA. Mother, protector.
* Others: Children, one destined to rule.

52-card deck:
* Cronus' hand: Three cards per child.
* Children's hand: Starts empty.
* Rhea: Take four cards per child including two jokers, shuffle, distribute evenly to children - their personal decks. Keep nothing.

Black cards: Divine power.
Red cards: Rhea's love (useless to Cronus).

Turn Structure:
* Nourishment. Children draw once from their personal decks to hand.
* Attention. Rhea examines one non-devoured child's hand.
* Roleplay. Scheme, plead, love. Children play children's games, hint at jokers, plan when to discard. Rhea coordinates. Cronus overhears, making threats aloud and plans in secret.
* Devouring. Cronus may choose a child and discard a black card - they discard an equal/higher red card, or are devoured.
* Retaliation. Clockwise from Cronus, choose: discard a joker or pass.
*** Red Joker: Mother's Revenge. Devoured children are freed.
*** Black Joker: Titanomachy. Each non-devoured child discards a black card; total them. Cronus discards all his black cards. Face cards are 11. Highest total wins.

Devoured children cannot roleplay or discard black cards.

After Titanomachy/four turns...
* Cronus wins Titanomachy/child with Black Joker devoured: Cronus passes judgement.
* Cronus loses Titanomachy: survivors pass judgement.
* Another result: negotiate settlement.

Author Comments

Many thanks to Emily Savidge, Alberto Muti and Stephen Morffew for their great feedback and for encouraging me to enter. Here’s another 200 word game I wrote!

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