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Unnamed murder mystery game • 2018 rpg

Liam Taylor • no link

Mystery Murder Game is the unofficial title of my Board Game Idea. It is a role-playing game of social deduction to find out who the murderer is and to stop them before they escape!

Each player begins the game with 2-3 cards, 1 card is a character profile card showing a character whom has a simple ability. 2 cards will either be an item or a bonus card. There is a chance this card could be telling the player they are the murderer. 

The murderer must make his way around the house with a "target" and kill them. The players will interact with each other each with a side quest to collect certain "evidence" which can uncover the murderer. If they collect all of the evidence it will uncover who the murderer is triggering phase 2 of the game "the chase". 

The murderer will not attempt to escape in a predetermined location on his murder card after removing the target player from the game. Once he has removed that player from the game, the other players will be alerted to his presence. 

Players can collect bonuses which affect room movement (secret tunnel) and random events can trigger with cards.

Author Comments

I came up with this idea just now, searched for a Reddit to ask people about it and then came across your competition. Where else would be better to post it.

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