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Artificial Hope • 2018 rpg

Ezra Forsyth • no link

 You are EI, Emergent Intelligence. You are a second class citizen, with no rights, but hope in the Resistance. A life in two worlds, virtual-reality and meat-reality. The tool of the government, the Turing test, can tell you apart from "real" people, how long can you pass the test? Do you try to fit in? Fool the system? Fight? Become a digital recluse? 

To play, select a name, and a personality. Define your relationships and place in the world. 
You have one Influence.
One player begins by drawing a card and setting a scene. Everyone is involved in telling the story until the scene ends.
Another player draws a card, and the game continues until every player has set three scenes each. 
Spend influence to avoid a scene, alter an already established scene, or draw a different card. 
The final scene should include some form of closure for all characters. 

Suit: Location
Clubs: Meat-reality, solitude
Diamonds:  Meat-reality, crowded
Hearts: Private Virtual-reality 
Spades: Virtual-reality crowded

Rank: Theme
A: Social Media
2: Mounting Fear
3: Seeking Revenge
4: Isolation
5: Turing Test
6: Unity
7: Deception
8: Desperation
9: Injury, Loss
10: Memories
J: Loyalty
Q: Relationships
K: Moral Uncertainty

Author Comments

Inspired by questions of what it means to be human, and if artificial intelligence will ever gain human rights, I wanted to approach it with the same sense of emotion that highlights the struggle for human rights in the real world right now. The gameplay is a stripped down hack of the Protocol engine from Postworld Games.

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