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With a Smile on Their Face • 2018 rpg

Jackson Croft • no link

You arrive to the party, but you know something is off. Everyone is friendly, but some are a bit too friendly

As players arrive, each is given a card, assigning them a role. Only the Aliens know their allies. 

There are 2 teams that players are divided into;
Aliens:		Mankind:
1 Queen		1 Immune
2 Drones	Civilians
		        1 Host

The goal for Aliens is to convince the civilians they are the Immune, and create new Drones.

The goal of Mankind is to discover the Queen, and have the Immune eliminate them.

The Immune has only one chance to correctly identify and kill the Queen.  

Among the Civilians, there is the Host. The Queen alone needs to convert the Host, they are the only way to kill the Immune.

For players to complete an action, they must shake hands. The Immune makes Civilians immune from Drones. Civilians that shake with an Alien become a Drone themselves. The Queen shaking hands with the Immune kills the Queen. Drone-Host shaking hands with the Immune kills the Immune.

For Mankind to win, the Queen must die. 

They aren't your friends anymore. They will betray you, with a smile on their face.

Author Comments

I just want to thank Samantha, for always pushing me and supporting me in any challenge.

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