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My code is broken, and I don't know why • 2018 rpg

Joe Hines •

Write the following on Index Cards with a Marker:

* N=0
* WHILE(N<=X) {
* Say "Hello World!"
* Say N
* N=N+3
* }
* Say "DONE"

Let X = the oldest player's age in years.

Shuffle the cards.  Deal them out, face up.  Run the program from top to bottom using these rules:

The oldest player points to the first card and reads it out loud, and performs its operation.  Working clockwise the next player points to the next card and performs its operation. If anyone makes a mistake, or the program doesn't make sense, everyone should yell "BUG" and then put their hand on their forehead.  The player who is last to do this must swap the position of two cards and then starts the second run of the program.

The game ends when the say "DONE" card is last in the line and the program runs with no BUGs.

Additional cards you can add to increase the difficulty:
* N=N-1
* IF(N is odd) { Say "That's Odd" }

Or make up your own!

Note: the "}" card means that the next player should go back to the "WHILE(N<=X) {" card for their next action

Author Comments

A fun RPG that will also teach you a little bit about programming and debugging programs.

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