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100 Miles to Home • 2018 rpg

Stephen Tasker •

1-Deck Cards 

You're playing pilgrims fleeing a catastrophe, towards a promised land. The exact setting is up to players. 

First player draws a card and places it face-up. This card is the first character. Choose a name and two adjectives (Strong, Cowardly, Peace-maker)  Record on card. 

The next person will draw a card and do the same thing. The suit of the card will determine second characters relationship to the first. 

Heart: Romantic
Spade: Familial
Diamond: Rival
Club: Friend

Players make 10 pilgrims.

The Journey:
Roll the die and record the number. After the die is rolled, draw a card and detail a scene based on the suit.

Heart: Bond: Place two cards next to each other. Write the nature of the bond. 

Spade: Catastrophe: Draw another card. A character matching its suit dies. 

Diamond: Doubt. Draw another card. A matching character becomes disillusioned and leaves. 

Club: Toll: Draw another card. A matching character is transformed. Write a new adjective.

Ace: Add a new refugee.

If all characters leave, the journey's a failure.

Game ends when the sum of the rolls reaches 100. They reach the promised land. Was it everything they hoped? Was it worth it?

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