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Stitch n' Bitch • 2018 rpg

Michelle Willson • @Unchosen_heroes

Players are part of a knitting/crocheting group creating yarn crafts while chatting. 

There are two decks of cards: Patterns(PC) and Supplies(SC) 

SC show three things: 
-Yarn type (acrylic, wool, cotton, cashmere) 
-Yarn color (blue, red, green, black) 
-Tools (needles, hooks, findings, gauge measure) 

Each PC needs:
1 Yarn type
1+ Yarn color 
1+ Tools 

A SC can count towards only one, decided when played. Finished PC are placed aside, yarn discarded and tools returned to hand. Replace with new PC.

Each players starts with 3 face up PC and a hand of 5 SC. Place four face up SC next to the deck.

Each turn take 1 action then play a SC. 

- Take and replace one face up SC
- Draw two SC from deck
- Draw and place another PC
- Frog a pattern (return all SC to hand, discard and replace PC) 
- Play an extra SC

If a pattern can't be replaced after being finished or frogged the game ends. Players gain point value of finished patterns and loose half the value of unfinished ones.

Turns should be quick and leave plenty of room for gossip, complaining and talking about who you're making each project for. 

Author Comments

The term frog/frogged is a commonly used term in knitting and crocheting community that no one outside it is likely to know. It just means pulling apart something you are working on in whole or part to either get back to a mistake you made and fix it or to start all over or salvage the yarn to be used in another project. “I had to frog two whole rows to fix a mistake.” “I wasn’t going to finish it so I frogged the whole thing.” “I feel like I’ve been frogging all day” The reason it is called this is because to frog something you have to rip-it rip-it.

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