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Puppy Posse • 2018 rpg

Jacob Wood •

Who do you call when...
* A shipment of sharks spills into a pond in the park?
* Mayor Gooseberry's prized goose gets stuck in a tree and can't get down?
* Captain Tipper's ship gets lost in the fog?
You call the Puppy Posse!

Lead by Sarj, the Puppy Posse are an elite team of pups who help protect the citizens of Bay City. Each pup drives a cool car and has a bag of awesome tricks to help them save the day whenever there's trouble.

Puppy Posse doesn't care about things like taking damage, tracking equipment, adding bonuses, etc. It's a storytelling game designed to help children ages 4+ learn to tell stories using dice. 

Each player names their pup and picks a cool car. Sarj, the Game Master, comes up with a problem to solve. He asks each pup in turn to roll dice and tell part of the story. Play continues until the mission is complete.

Roll 2dF (two Fudge Dice).
++	Something amazing happens
+0	Something good happens
00	No significant outcome
-0	Something bad happens
--	Something terrible happens
+-	Something good happens, but something bad also happens

Author Comments

Thanks to my wife and 4-year-old son for helping me playtest this game. We used it to rip off his favorite puppy-themed TV show, and he had a great time.

Keep an eye on for a more complete version of this game within the coming weeks.

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