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The Builder • 2018 rpg

Glen Lamb • no link

A new construction project has begun, perhaps a family building their dream home, or a new spaceship.

By the end of this game you will have a better appreciation for the strained relationship between tradespeople and their customers.


-Index cards
-A Lego set with enough Minifigs to cover the players count


-Give each player an index card
-Pour all the Lego out on to the table*
-Decide between you what the construction project will be
-Assign a minifig to each player who then names it


Use Chwazi or another suitable method** to select the first "Builder". 
The Builder chooses another player to assume the role of The Customer and opens a dialogue about their requirements. 
Once The Builder is happy that the requirement is understood she takes 10 bricks and starts or continues constructing that feature.

The Customer now becomes The Builder and play continues until everyone agrees that the project is finished. 
You are free to discuss how well your requirements were met and whether you believe you had realistic expectations. 
Also feel free to make Origami animals from your index cards at any point.

*You will also require a table
**There aren't any

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