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Resolve • 2018 rpg

Aaron Melocik •

  - 5-6 Players
  - Dice
  - Notecards
  - Pens
  - "X" Card (, John Stavropoulos)

--> --> --> --> -->

Your Team is concluding a one-way journey. Together, select your destination, like:
  - Far beyond sight of the Quarantine Barrier.
  - A distant colony, half a lifetime's journey away.
  - A savage land, abandoned by honor.
  - The Titan's Disc, perpetually circumnavigating at impossible speeds.
  - An enclave for refugees, straining against uncertainty.
  - A tower to heaven, swallowed by the earth.

Take turns answering each question:
  - "My expertise is..."
  - "I joined the Team because..."
  - "I'll often silently..."
  - "I rely on (Teammate)..."

Each Player:
  - claim one unique Number, from 1-6.
  - roll for a Descriptor Word from each list, rerolling duplicates. These define your narration's tone.

  - Curious
  - Delightful
  - Funny
  - Inspiring
  - Perfect
  - Reassuring

  - Confusing
  - Grim
  - Menacing
  - Surprising
  - Tragic
  - Worrisome

--> --> --> --> -->

Play includes:
  - Denizen Events, whenever a creature is encountered.
  - Outcome Events, whenever a Character takes action and the outcome is uncertain.

During an Event, roll. If the die's result matches:
  - no Player's Number, the current Narrator continues.
  - your Number, you become the Narrator.

The Narrator resolves Events by selecting one of their Descriptor Words.
  - Say "The (Denizen / Outcome) is (Word)."
  - Continue narrating until the next Event.

--> --> --> --> -->

To begin: roll a Denizen Event.

Author Comments

I’m interested in cooperative gameplay and collaborative storytelling. I set out to design a portable game with a high degree of randomness, but which always included choice. I want every person playing Resolve to feel empowered to advance a complex, meaningful story with struggle, loss, and triumph.

I dedicate this game to Dan Deschenes, my DM / Storyteller / great friend for the last 18 years.

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