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Sorcerers & Streets • 2018 rpg

Stuart Hodge • @redartifice

2-4 players that you enjoy the company of.

Each player takes 6 coins.

You are the hedge wizards and itinerant witches of the modern era. Your job is to protect city environments.

Take a stroll around your neighbourhood. Whenever you wish to cast a ward to protect the street, or change a park's fate, or read the fate of a traffic light, flip one of your coins. Call the flip. If you call it, you succeed, if not, you don't. Either way, remove that coin from your stash. 

Explore. Walk down new streets. Read plaques. Pat dogs. Talk to neighbours. Charm the tarmac, and hex the hard rubbish. Battle any demons you may meet. Pretend sword fight with sticks. Chat to your fellow wizards. See the streets as a breathing thing.

When you get home, write your adventures in a tome, or notebook. 

If you run out of coins, play again tomorrow. And the day after.

Author Comments

I think we could use a little whimsy in our environments, even as we become increasingly urbanised as a people.

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